Useful Food & Cooking Tricks You Need to Know

June 05,2013Posted by HealthyFoodOnPlate

We collect some cooking tips and tricks from all over the internet. There are so many tips and techniques but we choose 10 kitchen tricks that we think it would be the most useful for you.

  1. Keeping Produce Fresh - this strategy is to keep cut-up produce crisp and bright for up to 12 hours - cover everything with a layer of damp paper towels, then wrap the platter in plastic wrap and refrigerate until the start of the party.

  2. Trimming Green Beans in a Snap - Line up the stems. The beans' tough, knobby ends need to go, but the other ends (the skinny, tapered tips) are tender and perfectly fine to eat. Sort the beans so that the stems all face one direction. Scoot a handful against your palm so that they’re even. Then using a chef's knife, cut off the knobby ends with one slice.

  3. How to Chop Garlic - Use these following 3 steps: Trim - use a knife to slice off the hard root of each clove which will allow the skin to peel away more easily, Crush - place a clove under the flat side of the knife, and press the heel of your palm or your fist down on the knife until you feel the clove give way. Slip off and discard the skin, Chop - Gather together the peeled cloves, hold your knife by the handle, and chop until the garlic is the size you desire.

  4. How to Clean a Seasoned Cast-Iron Pan - First of all, do not use soap or scouring powder on a seasoned pan. It will destroy the nonstick coating. Instead, sprinkle the pan with kosher salt and scrub it with a paper towel. Then rinse the pan clean under hot water. Dry it immediately and thoroughly with paper towels, then apply a thin, even coating of vegetable oil.

  5. How to Soften Brown Sugar - some recommend making a homemade trail mix with seeds and dried fruits (avoid nuts because of allergies) and for yourself, add in popcorn or even whole wheat pretzels.

  6. How to Slice an Ice Cream Cake - Run a chef's knife under very hot water then start slicing a cake. The hot blade will glide cleanly and easily through the cold layers (rewarm the blade as necessary).

  7. Reviving Wilted Produce - If you vegetable turns wilt, lettuce turns limp and carrots are rubbery, try to immerse them in cold water to help them reverse the process. What to do? Fill a large bowl with cold water and ice, add the vegetables, and let them soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Dry thoroughly before using. This method works with fresh herbs and all sorts of vegetables (slice them first for maximum water absorption).

  8. How to Keep Sliced Turkey Warm and Juicy - Just before bringing the turkey to the table, drizzle the slices with a little hot chicken broth to warm and moisten the meat.

  9. How to Know if a Pineapple is Ripe? - Gently tug on one of the bottom leaves. If it comes away from the fruit with a gentle tug, the pineapple is ripe.

  10. Reduce Heat of a Hot Pepper - Discard the seeds from hot peppers to reduce the heat a bit and allow the pepper flavor to be appreciated.